Levittown, Pennsylvania

The mission of the Friends of Bolton Mansion is to engage the Lower Bucks County community through exhibits and programming that are open to the public. The continued restoration and preservation of the Mansion as a historic museum, along with the Farmers’ residence and surrounding grounds will foster interest in the interpretation of the site, the history of Bolton Mansion, and its role in the early history of the Commonwealth through the present day.

Bolton Mansion is the original home of Phineas Pemberton, close friend to Governor William Penn and founding member of the Fallsington Quaker Meeting. Sailing to the New World with his family in 1682, Pemberton sought to establish his home free from the religious persecution of England. He became an influential leader in the new colony, and his spirit of community activism lives on through the Friends of Bolton Mansion. The purpose of the Friends of Bolton Mansion is to preserve and promote the history and legacy of the Pemberton family. Through historic tours, community events, and the restoration of the Mansion, the Friends of Bolton Mansion hope to educate visitors and encourage that same spirit of community that Quakers like Phineas Pemberton hoped to create.

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